Advance Design

  • Integral stator core insulation of special insulating material reduces leakage current “Wound-under” wires are prevented. Adverse moisture effects are minimized.
  • Precision machined end shields contribute to accurate bearing alignment to minimize starting friction and reduce bearing loading.
  • Lubricant system uses only highest quality oil with acid and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Cast aluminum fans on rotor ends provide optimum ventilation of bearings for longer motor life.
  • Efficient Electrical design and precise rotor-startor slot combination give cool, quite operation and lower inputs.
  • Ventilated shell-type construction permits cool operation for increased insulation life.
  • Precision machined surfaces for correct alignment of shaft and bearings.
  • lnner and outer slingers return oil to wicks for longer life through greater oil retention.
  • Two steel-backed tin-Babbitt bearings minimize abrasive wear, permit accurate bearing tolerance.
  • Thermoplastic/EPDM/Neoprene insulated leads are used.