Participation criteria

For Music

1. The length of the video should be minimum 3 minutes.
2. Solo,Duo,Chorus are allowed.(group size max 4-5 people)
3. The Song can be in any language.
4. All instruments are allowed.

For Dance

1. The Video length should not exceed 3 min.
2. Style and Music can be anything from hiphop to bollywood.
3. Solo,duo and group dances are allowed.(group size max 4-5 people)

For Short Films

1. The Video length should not exceed 10 min.
2. Pornography not allowed.
3. Nudity not allowed.
4. Movie should be in hindi,english if it is in any other language then subtitle should be included.
5. Remaked stories are not allowed.

Animated Short Films

1. The Video length should not exceed 10 min.
2. Whiteboard animation is not allowed.
3. Stick animation not allowed.
4. The movie should contain subtitles.


1. By submitting your video to us you will be allowing us to showcase
your video in our website.

2. If you win, you will receive the prize money within 15 days
after declaration of result.

3. If you do not have ownership of the submitted video then you
will be disqualified at anytime without any notice.

4. You are allowed to upload your video in any other site we
do not have any problem with that.

5. There could be no winner in a competition based on the
quality of the competitors in such case no one will be awarded.

6. The decision made by us will be the final decision.


1. Upload your video to your YouTube channel or upload your video to Google drive.

2. Fill up the form.

3. For music and dance video the contestant must provide
a government identification card(i.e.Voter id, Aadhar, Driving licence, Passport)
this will be used for verification(The Photo in the card should match
the person in the video). Mail us the ID proof on the given email address on
our website.

For any queries – Contact No: 8249392943
*You will be notified via email if your application verification fails.

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